Roaring Forties

Roaring Forties is a great online slot game from Novomatic, you will find that it has everything to offer the players who join in on this fantastic brightly colored slot. For those who have played the Power Stars slot game from Novomatic you will notice that they are quite the same, with the only major difference being that Roaring Forties does hold a stacked wild symbol in the game. It does give off a very exciting feel when you play the slot, and this is exactly what us players come to find when we are searching for an online casino that offers the best software. A lot different to some of the mobile video slots that we have played such as Lord Of the Ocean but it still has that wow factor about it that can keep you entertained for hours. One big thing that we look for when we select an online slot is a bonus feature,, and you will get this when you play the Roaring Forties game. If you were to look for a slot that does not hold a bonus feature you will find that it is possible, but this is mostly for players who just enjoy a straight through slot game without any fuss. Roaring Forties is packed with entertainment so you won’t really find a dull moment when you play. Each spin brings in something new, and with some brilliant sound effects you will find yourself getting more involved and wanting to stay on as long as possible. And this is easy to do with the adjustable stakes in the game, you wont find it hard to work out and you can change your stake at any time during play except when you are in the bonus feature. If you are a player who loves the thrills and looks purely for excitement then this is what you will find if you select Novomatics Roaring Forties slot game.

The Quality Of Roaring Forties

As i have said this slot does hold a great resemblance to the Power Stars slot, you will see a lot of the same symbols in the slot such as all of the fruits like grapes, watermelons and cherries. You will also see the star symbol, the 7 and then there will be the added symbol which is a wild, and we all know how much entertainment these bring when you play any online slot. When you look at the slot you will see that there is great detail involved in the game, and each time you get one of those win lines you will find that the game gets excited with you and this is really great to see. Each simpole is not plain, but there isn’t much character to them this is not really a bad thing as it does make the game more clear. When you play you will see that all of the symbols are stacked and have a white background, that is except the 7 symbol this does come stacked but it has a very bold red color behind it and this does make the symbol stand out a lot compared to the others. With brilliant graphics, great sounds and excellent high quality there is nothing you wont like about this online slot game, even better it is available when you are on the move. So if you have a mobile or Ipad then you will be able to access the Roaring Forties slot while you are out and about, and this makes the game even more appealing.

Features and Bonuses

There are many things about the Roaring Forties slot that make it attractive, whether it is the great graphics and style of the slot or the bonus features. But what i think will attract most players to the game is the massive jackpot that you could win when you play the game, and this is all down to the star symbols in the slot that will act as a scatter. Scatter symbols are more well known for taking us to the bonus feature in the slot, this is not the case in the Roaring Forties slot. When the star symbols appear in the game if you have three they will pay no matter where they land, so this means that they do not need to be in an active win line to pay the player a win. However if you were to get five of the star symbols in the reels then you will win the jackpot that is available and could reach up to £10,000, and that is a very good amount. The next thing that is available in the Roaring Forties slot is the wild symbol, every player loves the wild symbol in a slot as it is there for the players advantage. In the slot the wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols in the game except the scatter. So it will be around to help you create a win line and in some cases will make it bigger. So you will get the chance to get a full slot win with the symbol, as all of the symbols are stacked, so if you had four reels stacked with the grape symbol and the last reel was stacked with wilds you know you will be getting a good win. Roaring Forties is very entertaining and can hand out massive wins, making it the perfect game for any player.