Free Spins Bonus

When you find an online casino that offers you a free spin bonus, it is worth getting excited over! Free Spins are known for giving players high wins and allowing you to increase that bank balance by great amounts. Free Spin Bonuses can come in different varieties, so you could get them as a welcome bonus or you could get them as an introduction for a new game that has arrived. However you receive them they are always fun to have around, so enjoy what you get. Now when you do receive a free spin bonus you will find that the amount of spins you get can change, so some casinos may offer you a large amount like 200 free spins some may be smaller such as ten free spins, but one thing we know is that we are glad to have them around. So if you sign up to a casino that offers Novomatic software and even better allows you to play on your Ipad then you could get free spins just for using your Ipad to play the slots. Playing on your Ipad is quite fun, as it is easily accessible and is hand held so you can play on the go and still get exciting games and great thrills. If you are a player who really enjoy the entertainment of slot games then you will love the offer of a free spin bonus, it can allow you to maybe try a new slot that is a different style to what you like to play,l this will widen what you play and give you more interesting games. It is even better that these can be offered on the Novomatic games, even though these games are very entertaining it will be better for a player who is new to the slots to be able to test them out with some free money, even better if you win!

How To Get a Free Spin Bonus

As said getting a free spin bonus can come in many different ways and sizes. Sop if you are new to a casino you may be offered the free spins as a no deposit Bonus, rather than the cash bonuses we would usually see. So you will register your account and then you will get Free Spins of a selected amount and you will use these on one of the Ipad Novomatic games that the casino offers. Very fun and even better if you win on your Free Spins you will get to keep the cash so you can keep on playing, or even try out one of the other great Novomatic slots. There are other ways to gain your free spins bonus, some may be given to you just as a bonus for staying a loyal customer to the casino, you will usually receive these through email and have them set in your account ready to use. Other ways of claiming a free spin bonus is when a new game is introduced, some casinos may allow you a certain amount of free spins so you can test out the new arrival. There are so many ways to grab your free spins bonus and it is really exciting to get, especially if they are received on one of your favourite games. If you find a casino that offers them in a welcome bonus you will be even more entertained as these will usually come with a cash bonus when you deposit, so you would get extra money in your account plus free spins on one of the brilliant Novomatic slots.

If you receive a free spin bonus you will enjoy every second of it as they can be really fun to play through, now lets be honest just because you have received free spins does not mean that you have a guaranteed win. Unfortunately for some players you will find that the free spins bonus will only pay a small amount but they are usually used to welcome players to a game and show you what entertainment is offered. For the lucky players who do manage to get a decent sized win, enjoy what you get and you never know how big you can hit. When a free spins bonus is awarded you will play through them on the minimum bet, this can not be adjusted when you play and all Free Spin Bonuses given to players will play through this way. All bet lines will be in play so you do not need to worry about that but the smallest bet with all active lines is what you will get. Even better while you are in the free spins bonus you could also get the free spin round that comes along with the slot, that is always the best part you never know what will happen in a slot game so the outcome can be really great.