Who is Novomatic?

Novomatic is a line of online casino software, providing players with a brilliant selection of online slots and table games to enjoy. As well as this they also have jackpot games and their live casino so you really can enjoy everything from them. Novomatic provide their games to many of the biggest online casinos and provide them in 80 different countries, you will always feel secure when you play one of the Novomatic slots as they have been around since the 1980’s and have a lot of experience behind them. Novomatic is a company that is based in Austria, you will recognise most of the games that they offer such as Kingdom of Ra and Gaminator, these are well known games from Novomatic and offer a great experience for players to enjoy. With a huge team behind them that holds over 20,000 employees you know that you are being dealt the best. Novomatic also has their Greentube group, this will offer players a huge range of mobile games and online games. These all started with their card games that they began operating in Austria, they have since grown and became much larger. Since Greentube was founded back in 1998 they have grown to become a massive provider that holds a huge amount of games, and is under the Novomatic name. With a great range of mobile games that are available on Ipads you will have a brilliant selection to choose from, and they are going to continue coming up with better games and always provide us with something new. Many players are turning to the mobile games, because they are so easy to access and well they are available everywhere you go so having Novomatic Ipad with the Greentube company you can always expect great things. You will find when you play the Ipad Novomatic games that they do hold great high quality, some players may feel that playing a mobile game will not have the same effect that you gt when you are on your desktop, but rest assured that you will always get the ultimate experience when it comes to the Ipad Novomatic games.

Novomatic do provide a lot of their games to land based casinos, it is very hard to escape the Novomatic games they are huge and they are everywhere but they also like to make sure that you always benefit from what they offer. And with Novomatics land based casinos you will get as much enjoyment as there is online and that is with their remote play, this is a great achievement from Novomatic combining the excitement of mobile casino games while you are in a live casino. These will be provided in a casino and you will simply use the tablet to sac a code, by doing so you can now access the games as you stroll around the casino and maybe head to the bar or go for a cigarette a brilliant and new way to present their games this is something for all of the casino lovers to enjoy. This is what is great about Novomatic, they have been around since the beginning and they still manage to keep up to date with what is going on and always take in what the players want to see. So we will constantly see something new and updated when we choose to play Ipad Novomatic or any desktop or in casino game. Novomatic even go to the extreme to offer us 3D games to play, so you know there is always something great in store when you select the Novomatic software, unbelievable talent and amazing quality you will always get everything you need when you play.

Novomatic has always provided us with great games and they will continue to do so. We already know that they have a massive team behind them and many years of experience so we know that this will continue to grow and they will always strengthen. Being one of the worlds leading providers Novomatic have even greater things to come, they already have a huge amount of desktop games and mobile games that are very successful plus their own casinos and providing their games to casinos you really know that they have built up this company to make it as the best. And this has definitely been achieved, every player loves what Novomatic has to offer, and with many competitors they have still managed to come out on top with what they give us. If you are new to the experience of Ipad Novomatic then you really are in for a great show, they have a lot to offer as well as many exclusive bonuses and a huge range of games. So don’t wait any longer take advantage of all that Novomatic have for us, great games, high quality and the best technology.